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* The ACE MICROSOFT INNOVATION CENTER was inaugurated in September 2013 by Mr. Phani Kondapudi, Director – Academic Programs Microsoft   Corporation ( India) Pvt Ltd . The aim of the innovation center is to connect people and organi­zations, in the software ecosystem and give them access to resources, experts and facilities for collaboration and skills development. The mission is to create opportunities to showcase the talents of students at the national and international level eg., imagine cup, hackathon.

* The Microsoft Innovation Center facilities that provide resources for software developers, IT professionals, university students, academics and entrepreneurs.

* The MIC at the college will be facilitating collaboration on IT-based research and development, product development and management, technology advancement, professional training, industry partnerships, placement opportunities, skill management, knowledge transfer and strong industry-institute interactions. The College/University will get access to key resources such as new platforms and software from Microsoft for the effective functioning of the MIC.