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Dr. S. Venkata Chalam
                                             ME, Ph.D

Having 18 years of teaching experience in the field of Electronics and Communications. He also worked as Dean (Exams) and Dean (Student affairs) in his previous organizations. He is a dynamic and an able administrator.
Email :       Contact : 9490491200
  To ensure the highest standard of education for students, the management took all the steps to make available the best faculty members. Highly qualified and experienced Professors, Associate and Assistant Professors, and Lab Technicians pertaining to the disciplines of CSE, IT, ECE & EEE, are arranged. Some of our prominent faculty members are:
ECE Department
S. No. Name of faculty Designation
1 Dr. V.M. Rao Professor
2 R. Murali Prasad Professor, HOD
3 J. Nageshwar Rao Assoc. Prof. ECE
4 P.Satya Narayana Asst. Prof. ECE
5 Mr. U. Appala Raju Asst. Prof. ECE
6 Mr. T.Gnaneshwar Goud Asst. Prof. ECE
7 Mrs. M. Pavani Asst. Prof. ECE
8 Ms. D.V.N. Jyothi Asst. Prof. ECE
9 Mr. P.Ramesh Kumar Asst. Prof. ECE
10 Mr. V.S. Trinadh Lecturer
EEE Department
S. No. Name of faculty Designation
1 Prof. D.S. Rama Krishna Professor, HOD
2 Mr. D. Srinivas Asst. Prof. EEE
3 Mr. I.V. Venugopala Swamy Asst. Prof. EEE
4 Mr. Narendra Prasad Kadali Asst. Prof. EEE
5 Ms. Lakshmi Syama Pulipaka Asst. Prof. EEE
CSE Department
S. No. Name of faculty Designation
1 N. Sudhakar Reddy Professor, HOD
2 B.Ranga Swamy Asst. Prof. CSE
3 Mrs.K.Padmaja Asst. Prof. CSE
4 G.Sravan Kumar Asst. Prof. CSE
5 Ms. K Sushma Asst. Prof. CSE
6 Ms. Annapurna Kongara Asst. Prof. CSE
7 Ms. M. Nirmala Kumari Asst. Prof. CSE
8 Mrs. Ch.Krishna Keerthi Asst. Prof. CSE
9 Mr. G.Suresh System Administrator
IT Department
S. No. Name of faculty Designation
1 Dr.K.Jaya Bharathi Professor, HOD
2 Mr.K.Kranthi Kumar Asst. Prof. IT
3 Ms. P Sowjanya Asst. Prof. IT
4 Mrs. Ayehsa Osmani Asst. Prof. IT
5 Mr.K.Prem Kumar Asst. Prof. IT
MECH Department
S. No. Name of faculty Designation
1 Prof. Y.V. Gopala Krishna Murthy Professor
2 Mr. P. Ayub Khan Assoc.Prof. ME
3 Mr. P Sudheer Rao Assoc.Prof. ME
4 Ms. P. Prashanthi Asst.Prof. ME
MCA Department
S. No. Name of faculty Designation
1 Professor D.Rami Reddy Professor
2 Ms.T.Suneetha Asst.Prof.
3 Mr.N.Brahmaiah Chowdary Asst.Prof.
4 Mr.B.Venkateshwarlu Asst.Prof.
5 Mr.M.B.V.V.Durga Raju Asst.Prof
H&BS Department
S. No. Name of faculty Designation
1 Dr.M.Umar Professor
2 Mrs. K Nirmala Asst. Prof. English
3 Ms. R. Gnana Latha Asst. Prof. English
4 Mr.Venkatesh Sripad Assoc.Prof. Maths
5 Mr.V.Bala Murali Krishna Asst. Prof. Maths
6 Ms. K. Padmakshi Asst. Prof. Maths
7 Mr. N.Raja Sekhar Assoc. Prof. Physics
8 Mr.M.Vijay Kumar Assoc.Prof.Mgnt
9 Ms.B.Aparna Asst.Prof.Mgnt
10 Ms. CH. Manasa Asst. Prof. Eniv
11 Ms. B Siva Kumari Librarian
12 Mr.B.Kiran Kumar Physical Director
Supporting Technical & Non-Technical Staff
S. No. Name of faculty Designation Department
1 Ms. M Padmavathi Admin In charge ADMIN
2 Mr. K Gopal Rao Lab Asst ECE
3 Mr. B. Srinivasa Raju Programmer CSE
4 Mr. B. Venkateswarlu Programmer IT
5 Mr. Sivaraj Lab Asst. EEE
6 Mr. B P Sainath Lab Asst. H&BS
7 Mr. K. Devender Asst. Librarian H&BS
8 Mr.R.Sudhakar Lab Asst. M.E
9 Mr.K.Hanmantha Reddy Lab Asst M.E
10 Mr. K. Ramanji Reddy Lab Tech. M.E
11 Mr. Y Vijay Kumar Senior Asst. ADMIN
12 Ms. B.Padmaja Jr.Accountant ADMIN
13 Mr. K Srinivas Record Asst. ADMIN
14 Mr. K. Santosh Record Asst. ADMIN
15 Mr. A. Chandra Sekhar Record Asst. ADMIN

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