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IT Department labs


Two laboratories are established in the department namely “Computer Laboratory I” and “IT Workshop”.  Computer Laboratory I consists of 60 Pentium based computers and one high computing server system.  In “IT Workshop” , around 20 computers and necessary hardware accessories are available., The second, third and final year students use “Computer Laboratory  I” for their regular academic lab works.  They use the laboratory to do “C and Data Structures Lab”, “DBMS lab”, “Object oriented programming lab”, Operating Systems and Computer Networks Lab, Network Programming lab, Multimedia Lab etc. The first year students use the “IT Workshop” to learn hardware details of the computer. Also, they learn how to install operating systems, compilers and other system software and installing application packages like MSOFFICE, etc. In addition, four research laboratories namely : Centers for Data Engineering, Distributed Computing and Image Processing, Desk Stream Research Center are established in the department for the use of  IT and CSE students who are interested in carrying out research oriented project works. We are also planning to establish a state of art “Cloud Computing Laboratory” by collaborating with popular MNCs.  Also, the department is taking care of internet laboratory to provide internet facility for the students of other branches.