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Skill Development Centre (SDC)

SDC is established with the primary objective of identifying the up and coming technological domains and emerging trends in technological development, identify the training needs and resources, and disseminate to the departments for them to incorporate appropriate additions to the curriculum and introduce more practical oriented syllabus and number of value added courses for the benefit of the students and their employability.

SDC has developed a novel skills imparting program, “The Butterfly”, to train the students in a phased manner to be offered alongside the regular B.Tech programme.

The Butterfly Program

The College has identified the means and methodology of enhancing the employability skills of the students by conceiving and implementing a unique and comprehensive four year skill development program seamlessly integrated with regular academics. Salient features of this program are mentioned hereunder.

  • Employable skill based programs in the most critical subjects of respective branches are identified to be offered in each semester. Multiple tracks that offer career opportunities are identified.
  • Training in aptitude, soft skills, and at least two programming languages is mandatory for every student in the first year.
  • Principal streams include skills enhancement, GATE, software career, career in core sector, preparation for government recruitments, higher studies abroad.
  • Workshops are conducted to educate the student with various career options available to explore.
  • Every student is required to identify the stream in which he/she is interested to make his/her career.
  • In each semester, student is trained in an appropriate tool that would be needed to the student to make successful career.
  • Encourage and prepare for national and international level Code Contests and Hackathons like TCS CODEVITA, NINJA, ACM-ICPC etc.
  • Prepare the students for the popular assessment test like CoCubes, ELITMUS and AMCAT.
  • Projects in each semester in the skill training program offered to the student
  • Mock interviews are conducted in each year to enhance the confidence levels of students and prepare them for corporate interviews.
  • Branch specific programs offered as part of The Butterfly can be found at the end of this introductory literature.

Finishing School

Finishing School at ACE is modeled on experimentation oriented training skills in the interest domains of the students. Students enter the finishing school in their third year. Specific skill sets are imparted as value addition. Finishing School extends the college curriculum and skills training further for implementation in the dedicated laboratories and is intended to complete the educational experience. The expected destination of this journey through the finishing school is a step towards successful career in terms of a dream job or entrepreneurship. The skill development is not limited to technical domains only but the focus is on their all round personality development so that they can be assets to the organizations where they seek employment or manager of quality if they aspire to be employment providers through startups and entrepreneurship. The finishing school may consist of an intensive course, or a one-year program.

Primary Functions of Finishing School

  • Identification of the latest competencies needed for scripting a successful career in the industry.
  • Plan and offer a professional development roadmap for the students
  • Guide the students to align their goals in line with the industry needs and opportunities backed by research and forward-thinking.
  • Design of formal and informal Instructional methodologies
  • Appropriate use of diverse learning technologies that suit the context
  • Evaluating the learning impact
  • Integrated approach to talent management
  • Knowledge sharing through collaboration

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