Cloud is a pool of virtualized computer resources and provides various services (XaaS) in a scalable manner on subscription basis (Pay as you go model). The following are the major services provided by the cloud computing systems.

IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) – Example: Amazon S3, EC2

PaaS (Platform as a service) – Example: Google App. Engine, MS Azure

SaaS (Software as a service) – Example: Google Docs, Facebook

In this research center we plan to do the following activities: (i) To provide training in Cloud Infrastructure and services using VmWare and Openstack (ii) To implement virtual laboratory facilities for the College (iii) To carry out research activities in (a) Cloud Storage Systems (b) Virtual Machine Migration in cloud computing systems (c) Task scheduling in cloud computing systems.


We conducted a training program on “Cloud Infrastructure and Services” to our final year CSE/IT/EEE/ECE students. The following topics were taught in the course. (i) Classic data center (ii) Virtualized data center – compute, storage, networking and desktop and application. (iii) Business continuity in virtual data center (iv) Cloud infrastructure and management (v) Cloud security and cloud migration considerations. Forty two of our final year students and 10 faculty members were qualified in EMC2 certification examinations.

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Our faculty members have published the following papers (related to cloud computing) in international conferences/journals.
Mohammed Abdul Azeem, Mohamed Sharfuddin and T. Ragunathan, Support-Based Replication Algorithm for Cloud Storage Systems, ACM COMPUTE 2014 International Conference, held at NIT, Nagpur, India.

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