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ECE Infrastructure

  • 9 Class rooms with LCD Projectors
  • 3 Tutorial Rooms
  • 1 Tektronics(Department Association)
  • 1 Department Library
  • 1 Seminar Hall
  • 15 Laboratories
  • 3 Research Centers
  • 1 Servers (HP Proliant ML 350 G6 )
  • 1 DELL Server
  • 134 Desktops (with latest configuration
  • UPS Details
  • 1-11 KVA -DELTA
  • 2–8 KVA ,-APC
  • 1-10KVA-Delta UPS


Details of Laboratories

During initial part of the B.TECH course we have fundamental lab called electronics devices and circuits lab (EDC Lab in II year I semester), initially carry out basic experiments and progresses in to designs. This lab gives basic knowledge of diodes, transistors etc. circuits and understanding their applications. The knowledge of this lab will help us in upcoming semesters in ECA and PDC labs.

Basic Simulation lab:
BS Lab has been established in the year 2010 caters the need of II year UG students. This lab has sufficient number of systems with networking to implement the basic concepts in the area of signal and systems using MATLAB 8.6 software.


AC LAB was introduced to Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE) students to make them understand how a signal in communication is transmitted to long distances using a process called Modulation. AC Lab provides student an opportunity to understand how Real time applications such as Radio, TV, mobile &so on work using different types of Modulation schemes.
AC lab provides insights which are useful for students planning their careers in the field associated with communication such as Telecom, Satellites, RADAR etc.
AC subject & lab is offered in III Year-I Semester (R15) / II Year-II Semester (R16) for ECE students and they are prerequisite for understanding different subjects such as Digital Communication, Cellular Mobile Communication, Wireless Communication Networks
The Laboratory is well equipped with different Modulation and Demodulation kits such as AM, FM, DSB-SC, SSB-SC, and TDM etc. Also the above Experiments have been simulated using “MATLAB Version 7.6 & 8.6”. The Lab is also equipped with a Spectrum analyzer, Digital storage Oscilloscopes of 40 MHz, 4 channel 60MHz Digital storage Oscilloscopes, Radio Frequency(RF) signal Generator and a Dynamic radio demonstrator

Microprocessor & Micro controller (MP&MC) Lab:

The MPMC lab is established to satisfy the needs of students in the area of embedded systems design which is one of the most emerging areas. The MPMC laboratory provides students with an opportunity to gain experience in microprocessor and microcontroller based system design, Assembly language programming and I/O interfacing techniques.
This laboratory is offered in III Year-II Semester for ECE students and IV Year –I Semester for EEE students as per JNTU curriculum.
The lab is majorly equipped with 30 Microprocessor(8086 ) trainer kits, 20 Micro controller(8051) trainer kits and 45 External interfacing devices(like 8255 PPI,8257 DMA,8251 USART,8259 PIC , ADC , DAC , Keyboard interface, Tone generator, Traffic Light Controller ,LCD interface ,Elevator ,Thumb wheel ,Temperature Controller ,SRAM and DRAM interface etc.. )
In addition to these there are 62 Computer systems with latest configuration. The lab also has a 50 user licensed KEIL software and MASM software. For better understanding of students and for demonstration and explanation a LCD projector is also fixed in the lab. A 11 KVA UPS is also available for uninterrupted power supply.
Students can make use of this laboratory to do Mini/Major projects in the area of IOT-embedded systems which is one of the latest technologies that offers a lot more placement opportunities.

Digital Signal Processing Lab:

This laboratory is equipped with Texas manufactured DSP Starter kits with the core processor being TMS320C6713 and TMS 320C6748 and Code composer studio (full version). This lab exposes the aspects of Digital Signal Processing. Many of the algorithms and filter designing related to DSP are implemented in MATLAB software, Code Composer Studio ( Full Version) and using TMS320C6713 DSP processor.

Micro Wave & Digital Communication (MW&DC) Lab:
This laboratory is well equipped with 10 Reflex Klystron test benches, 4 Gunn Oscillators test benches with different kinds of loads. It also consists of 9 VSWR meters, 12 CROs, one Digital storage CRO. Microwave antennas like Pyramidal horn, E-Plane and H-Plane sectoral horns and various microwave components are also available The lab has a number of digital communication trainer kits such as ASK, FSK, PSK, PCM and DPCM etc. The lab also consists of 30 MHz CROs, 4 Channel 60 MHz Digital storage oscilloscopes and 10MHz Function generators.

Electronic Hobby Centre: Tecktronics
Electronic Hobby centre was started in 2013 with the motto of encouraging true experimenting nature of engineering students. The hobby centre containssoldering kits, electronic components, testing and measuring equipment required for completing the hobby projects, mini projects, main projects etc., During free time any student / staff of any department can come to this centre for completing their projects. This centre is consistently supported by staff.