Formule C Contests Validitory

In the final round of Formula C contest held on 24 th August 2017, invited guests shared their views on the technology trends in the next five to ten years and how engineering graduates, particularly Computer Science Engineers shall have to stand up to the challenge and become technologically competent to take-up a long journey in the professional career.

Ahmed Siddique, Associate Head, Training, Tech Mahindra

Expectations of a prospective employer:

If I were the employer, what would I expect in a candidate who seeks employment with me? Each student should put this question to self and list down all the requirements. Then start acquiring the skills and abilities one by one so that the student is ready for the job market while in the college itself.

There is more to learn

Though the competition was in C Programming, it is not enough even if one learns C to a deeper level of understanding. There is a need to learn as many programming languages as possible to be suitable to work in different demanding situations.

Gadgets get connected to

Today, there is hardly any field that is not penetrated by gadgets run by program code segment. Expert reports forecast that in the next five years each person on earth would be connected to at least ten gadgets. When this connection is extrapolated to the world population that uses gadgets, the number of device connected turn out to be astronomical. This means lot of coding and gadget playing significant role in human life. Students should gear-up themselves to face this challenging scenario.

Social network based learning

Today YouTube is the largest surfed website for videos. Many students also use the resources available on the website. This should be continued to enhance the basic knowledge learn in the class rooms and strengthen their fundamental knowledge in the subjects. Organizations are cutting down cost on training the recruits. Resources are made available in the form of self learning modules. Candidates are expected to prepare on their own, get ready to be tested and evaluated for their performance. Social media should be used not just for unproductive works like chatting, messaging, Whats app. These are powerful media that should be used to share useful, informative and knowledge enhancing information so that learning can be effective.

Prepare for the job market ahead

Do some programming and extend the skills learnt to apply for problem solving. Solve some of the problems of the real life through programming. Acquire those skills that are necessary to take up job so that the Company can assign jobs on the very first day itself. It is inappropriate to expect the recruiting Organization to provide training for doing the work. An effective way of handling trivial questions

pertaining to experience need not be counted only in terms of number of years spent in the industry but also in terms of the number of real life problems solved as a student during the college days.

Virtual interviews & Direct stepping into offices

The ideal scenario in an engineering graduate’s life would be to step into the office only on the first day of the job a step ahead of walking into the office for an interview. In this current information driven era of digitally connected world, even interviews can also be in a virtual world, credentials verified online and only the final step in the process of recruitment is physical, the candidate walking into the office to report to the duties.

Dr. Y Raghu Reddy

Engineering graduates should seriously attempt to gain strong hold over fundamental concepts of problem solving. A sound grip on fundamentals begins with programming, moving forward to problem solving that ultimately leads to better designs. Developing skills of designing solutions to a real life problem demands an engineered approach to problems

Skill in more than one languagey

While participating in programming contests is a welcome step to improve, restricting to one language is not a welcome move. Computer science students should learn as many languages as possible. Computer language is only a tool, acquiring skills to use appropriate language to solve a problem is the basic need of the hour.

Not passive users of technology but innovators

Most of the students are adept at using latest technologies. However this approach needs a change in the approach to technologies. Extensive use of technologies should lead to identifying the limitations of the current technology and devices that should lead to thinking about improving the limitations of the technology in use. Journey should be towards active developers of technology rather than mere passive users of technology.

Upload your programs for use by others

While it is a welcome step to learn and consolidate the classroom learning through social media like YouTube, it should not be an end in itself. Social media is very powerful and its true potential should be exploited to use it to upload and share videos and literature related to technological innovations and other stuff that is both useful and purposeful.

Problem solving

Practice programming in different ways for the same problem, even if it could be a humble beginning like looking at code done by others. In addition to being members of popular social media like Whats app, Face book, Twitter, it is also highly recommended to subscribe to more useful social media like Google+, Pinterest, Reddit etc., that facilitate interaction with practitioners of coding, those who facilitate uploading of programming codes and new ideas shared to thoroughly test and give feedback.

Students should add to their Bio-data at least a couple of apps developed and shared on Play Store so that at the time of job interviews they stand advantage of getting recruited.

Communication Skills

One of the most essential skills that define and drive dynamics of conduct in a corporate environment is ability to express one’s views in a clear but presentable manner, interact with colleagues to collaborate and coordinate towards a common goal of organizational development.

  • Department of Computer Science and Engineering , ACE Engineering College conducted 3 rd round of National Level Programming Contest F-C (Formula-C , The programming rACE) on 24.08.2017.
  • 170 Students are participated from 35 engineering colleges across four states.