Objectives of Artificial Intelligence Lab:

From the day of Dr. Robert Hecht-Nielsen, who first invented neuro computing, a lot of research is on in the area of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The demand for engineers and scientists with knowledge in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence is high. Machine Learning Engineer, Robotic Scientist, Data Scientist, Research Scientist, Business Intelligence Developer are certain job roles for students who excel in this field.

ACE Engineering College is in the forefront to start a Center of Excellence (AI& ML Lab). The lab is being established in the month of November, 2019 with inputs from Academia, eminent personalities in Industry, experienced experts of the field to give required confidence for the students who are undergoing this course and make them able to cater to the needs of the market.

The laboratory activities aim towards:

  • Identify innovative research directions in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data analytics.
  • Integrating and reasoning with information from disparate data sources.
  • Designing and implementing distributed systems for information exploitation, collaboration and decision making.
  • Data-intensive agent-based toolsProviding quality education and practical skills to the students and faculty.
  • Assist in the development of partnerships with Industry regarding Internships, Summer Jobs, Publications and students’ Placements.
  • Establish, refine and implement strategies to take the idea in to students and faculty fraternity.
  • Create sustainable funding models for societal and ACE related efforts.
  • Encouraging students to publish research articles, patents and starting their start-ups In the campus.

Achievements of Center of AI & ML:

  • The center has initiated with 5 NVIDIA 1060 GPUs with 60 Clients to cater the needs AI aspirants and stakeholders of Institute.
  • Right form the Inception Center has guided around 62 students in IV B.Tech and 35 in III B.Tech CSE & ECE students.
  • Center is collaborating with Leading India.ai an AICTE approved consortium in association with Bennett University in completion of a project titled” Windows malware Detection” using CNN techniques.
  • 3 faculty members ( Dr.G.Sreenivasulu , Ne.V.Maheswara Reddy and Mr.Shashank Tiwari) from CSE were certified in AI and Deep learning and also from NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute, USA.
  • 4 students got Internship in Applied AI corporation Ltd., Hyderabad and 2 were observed by them with good package.(Rs: 6 lac/anm).
  • Center has signed an MOU with Brain O Vision pvt. Ltd., for trainings , Internships and establishing of start ups. (Few more in pipeline)
  • 12 students are taken Machine Learning, a NPTEL course as a part of MOOCs supported by JNTUH instead of university open elective. (All are cleared with average of 85%).

Faculty Contributions:

  • Dr.G.Sreenivasulu certified in Data Science for Engineers course, a NPTEL course as a part of MOOCs supported by AICTE and MHRD to guide the students in machine learning and AI related projects.
  • Dr.Ganti Krishna Sharma certified in Machine Learning a NPTEL course as a part of MOOCs supported by AICTE and MHRD to train the students
  • Mr.YounusShariff, Mr. Shashank Tiwari Certified in Joy of Computing Python a NPTEL course as a part of MOOCs supported by AICTE and MHRD to train the students in Python Programming.(Which is a backbone of AI & ML).
  • Ms.LakshmiRohita, Assistant professor of CSE attended a two week faculty Development Program on “Machine and Deep Learning” at VBIT, Hyderabad from 25th Nov to 07th Dec, 2019.
  • Majority of the faculty members across all the department working collectively in strengthening the center for AI & ML.

Research Publications & Patents:

The following research papers were published in International Journals:

  1. G.Sreenivasulu, S.Viswanadha Raju et al.” A Threshold for clustering Concept – Drifting Categorical Data”, IEEE 3 rd International Conference on Machine Learning and Computing (ICMLC), Volume 3, pp. 383-387.( ISBN: 978-1-4244-9253/11/$26.00@2011 IEEE).
  2. G.Sreenivasulu, S.Viswanadha Raju et al.” Data Labeling Method Based On Rough Entropy For Categorical Data Clustering”, International Conference On Electronics, Communication And Computational Engineering – ICECCE 2014, pp. 383-387.(ISBN: 978-1-1170-1175/11/$31.00@2018 IEEE).
  3. G.Sreenivasulu, S.Viswanadha Raju et al. “A Review of clustering techniques ”, International Conference on Data Engineering and Communication Technology (ICDECT), Springer, March-J ISSN: 2250-3439).
  4. G.Sreenivasulu, S.Viswanadha Raju. “A Proficient approach for clustering of large categorical data cataloguing”, International Conference on Electrical, Electronics, and Optimization Techniques (ICEEOT) March- 2016),IEEE, ISSN978-1-4673-9939-5/16/$31.00 .
  5. G.Sreenivasulu, S.Viswanadha Raju. et al. “Data Labeling method for genome DNA data based on Cluster similarity using Rough Entropy for Categorical Data Clustering”, International Journal of Engineering and Technology, June-2019. (Accepted).

Patents Information

    1. Dr.G.Sreenivasulu et., filed a patent on “Design and Development of fault diagnosis by using Fuzzy neural networks for Hydroponic systems”. Application no: 201941048257 at Controller general of patents , Designs and Trademarks , Govt. of India.
    2. Dr.G.Sreenivasulu proposing a patent on ”Malaria Detection using Convolution Neural Networks” at Controller general of patents , Designs and Trademarks , Govt. of India. (Application number awaited)
    3. Dr.G.Sreenivasulu proposing a patent on ”An Efficient approach for clustering categorical data ” at Controller general of patents , Designs and Trademarks , Govt. of India. (Application number awaited)
    4. Dr.G.Sreenivasulu proposing a patent on ”Text summarization using Deep learning techniques ” at Controller general of patents , Designs and Trademarks , Govt. of India. (Drafting completed and about to file).

Center for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning MOUs:

    • Leading India.ai

    • Applied AI Pvt.Ltd.,

    • Brain O Vision:

Workshops and Faculty Development Programs:

  • Conducted One week faculty development program on “Machine and Deep Learning” organized in association with “Leading India.ai and Bennett University during Nov, 2018.
  • Conducting One week faculty development program on “Data Science” Sponsored by AICTE-New Delhi as a part of STTP.(16th to 22nd Dec, 2019).
  • Conducted one day workshop on “Artificial Intelligence” for III B.Tech CSE & ECE students,In association with TASK, Hyderabad.

Benefits being rolled out to the Collaborator from AI & ML center:

  1. Upto 20 faculty members will get training on Deep learning and AI Technologies without any cost
  2. Five-Ten Member Research Group will be setup, mentored in associating with Leading India and NVIDIA Lab.
  3. Any Air or Road/train travel of the resource persons, experts from NVIDIA-Bennett Research Lab on AI; visiting our institution for activities in the scope of the project will be covered from our side.
  4. Certificates to the workshop and Research Group participants will be given from our center.
  5. Funding for Honorarium for the resource persons for activities in the scope of the project will be covered from our side.
  6. Training material available on a central repository will be made available by us.
  7. Assessment of the projects, which are carried by research groups via progress report, Skype Calls, Webinars will be done in a professional manner.
  8. Assessment of the ongoing Student projects which fall under the domain of the project will be done by us.
  9. Proactive help will be provided institutions in writing Grant proposals and Workshop proposals for funding of various agencies.
  10. We will provide 100+ Industry ready student project specifications on our portal. Some exclusive projects will be available to the neighboring institutions.
  11. To enable the AWS Cloud credits for the faculty and students of our institution as per our understanding with AWS Educate. Around 100 Students apart from the associated faculty will get cloud credits.
  12. To Make a centralized database of the trained individuals to have easy access for the industry who is looking for talent in this field.
  13. To provide technical support to implement different projects by research group as per the domain area.
  14. Few instructors from collaborating institution will have the opportunity to become NVIDIA DLI (Deep Learning Institute) Ambassadors depending upon their understanding of the technology. NVIDIA DLI training will be offered at their institution.
  15. To provide upto 50 internships to the students in summer at NVIDIA-Bennett Supercomputing Lab without any internship charges.
  16. To Conduct Competitions in Deep learning for the students of Inter and Intra institutions.
  17. To apply grants for various state and central level organizations in the area of AI & ML.
  18. To help the other departments of the institution to include Deep Learning and AI courses in their elective/core courses
  19. To conduct International Conference and Industry Conclave, where the people from collaborating organizations